The story so far
Envisioning India’s continuous strides towards progress and glory, Oswal Cables was established way back in 1971 in Rajasthan, India. A humble beginning then – to manufacture bare overheard conductors (AAC/ ACSR). A success story today - Oswal Cables.
Oswal Cables has established its credentials among purchasers, all over the country and is one of the foremost and credible suppliers of power utilities today
Power play
power player in the power sector, Oswal Cables is one among the pioneer players in the burgeoning conductor industry. Matching strides with the nation’s progress, Oswal Cables has continuously dedicated itself to delivering cutting edge technology. And today, it stands among giants as one of the leading manufacturers of bare aluminum conductors for overhead power transmission and distribution lines across the nation.
Oswal carefully crafted and executed it’s expansion plans diversifying in to the manufacture of Multistrand Power Conductors up to 61 strands for 132 KVA to 800 KVA lines, required for power transmission. And today Multistrand ACSR Conductors form the core of supplies by the company. Oswal Cables has also successfully expanded in to the power generation sector.
The Innovator’s innovator
Oswal Cables, driven by a passion for excellence and innovation, has maintained stringent technical standards and has set newer benchmarks in quality. Innumerable rural electrification, power transmission and distribution projects stand testimony to this. A company offering quality. Right from the stage of procuring raw material, to delivering the finished product. All catering to international standards and specifications..
A philosophy of excellence
Motivated by excellence. Powered by innovation. Oswal Cables has rightfully earned its standing among leaders. Driven by the desire to innovate, Oswal Cables boasts of a loyal and dedicated clientele.
A strong, dynamic and dedicated management. A team striving for the highest in excellence. The strength of Oswal Cables. Also backed by a Research & Development and Quality Control team. Just to ensure that one smile. The smile of satisfaction. On the person it matters most. The customer. A philosophy that drives us to achieve and innovate. And excel.