Chairman of Oswal Cables
Dear friend,
India shining. Yes, it is. Where power, technology, and infrastructure play a vital role. And we, as entrepreneurs poised for success are trying to match strides with the country's growing economy and prosperity. And we are geared up to face the challenges that lay await on our journey to success and glory.
We, at Oswal Cables have taken steady strides along the path of success. And what started off as a company manufacturing bare overheard conductors, is today a major power player in the Indian infrastructure scene.
We at Oswal, are backed by a strong vision and conviction to deliver. Deliver quality. A stance that enables us to excel and steadily reach the ranks our vision commands. A vision of being a truly global company.
I would also take this opportunity to thank all those who've stood by Oswal. Clients, customers, vendors, employees – one and all. My gratitude springs from the Trust you've placed in the company and its vision.
And since our inception in 1971, we have made inroads in to India's power sector, setting newer benchmarks in quality and excellence. Enabling us to venture in to unexplored areas and activities. To achieve our true potential. And all credit goes out to you.
I also use this opportunity to assure you that we at Oswal Cables are committed to empower you with cutting edge technology. Technology of tomorrow. Today. And together, with our heads held high, shall we take confident strides in to the future. And be India's tomorrow.
Thank you,
Laxmi Chand Talera
Chairman.,Oswal Cables Pvt Ltd