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To cater to the rigorous needs of electrification projects, meeting standards of discerning clients, Oswal Cables manufactures high-quality power and distribution transformers varying in range of up to 500 KV.
Oswal Cables’ also specializes in the manufacture of

Power Transformer


Distribution Transformer

We manufacture distribution transformers up to 500 kV class and supplying the same to all the state and national electrical utilities of India
bullet Our transformers are manufactured with high quality materials and components which are tested in accordance to the relevant ISS with advanced testing facilities.
bullet   Designs are properly adapted to modern manufacturing technologies aimed at main taining the highest quality standard and keeping cost competitive.
bullet   We offer a wide range of transformers to suit every application up to 500 kV voltage class.
bullet   Our transformers are type tested as per IS 2026 (Short circuit withstand Dynamic and thermal ability test, Lightening Impulse test) at Central research power institute, National Test House, Electrical Research & Development Association.
bullet   Our Transformers have been in successful operation for one decade.
bullet   Special process of oil filling under vacuum ensures voide free core coil assembly and longer life.

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