Power Transmission

National grid is very important in the balanced industrial and infrastructure development of the country, It has to link the large power generation unites with the main populated cities industrial bases of the country. In addition it has to provide linkages with its neighboring countries for power interconnection for both supply and receiving.

Oswal sets up HV and EHV Transmission lines single / double circuit up to 800 KV AC on total turnkey basis. 

Transmission line towers

Electricity is usually transmitted long distances over desert, mountains and rivers through overhead power transmission lines where as underground power transmission is used only in densely populated areas.

Lattice / Tubular Towers can be offered in following designs- 

bullet Suspensions towers River crossing Towers Dead and towers
bullet Tension towers Angle towers

Facilities exist for testing of towers up to 1000 KV 

Choice of conductor depends on voltage and amount of power to transmitted keeping the losses to the minimum. 

bullet  AAC – All Aluminum Conductors
bullet ACSR – Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced
bullet AAAC – All Aluminum Alloy  Conductors 

Various types of insulators in glass and porcelain material that are used in transmission lines are  

bullet Disc Insulators
bullet Shackle Insulators
bullet Suspension Insulators
bullet Strain Insulators
bullet Line post Insulators
bullet Spool Insulators
bullet Pin Type Insulators
Transmission line hardware

Oswal provides transmission line hardware as per IEC, DIN, ASTM, BS AND BIS, and Standards viz.

bullet Suspension & Tension fittings
bullet Guy wire fittings
bullet Parallel groove clamps 
bullet malleable iron cap
bullet Stay wire fittings 
bullet Link fittings
bullet Earth rod and strips 

We also undertake industrial electrification, HT load centers and out door witch yards.
Power Distribution

Power generated at low voltages need to be step up for transmission over long distances and also need to be distributed and step down to required levels of consumption at industrial and domestic use levels – all this is achieved by electric sub stations. 

Oswal undertakes design, supply installation of – 

bullet Outdoor / Indoor Sub Stations up to 200 MVA capacity
bullet Unitized sub station up to 11 KV, 1000 KVA capacity
bullet Sub stations for Industrial electrification.
bullet Air and Gas insulated sub stations. 

bullet Distributions Transformers  Relays
bullet Circuit breakers   Control panels
bullet LV Switchgear Allied equipment – Cable fault locators,Oil Testing ..
bullet Sub Stations structures  Testing and Measuring Instruments. 
bullet Cables Kits, Primary and secondary inspection units, Oil  
bullet Sub Stations System and SCADA 

We also undertake sub stations automation system and SCADA wherein the status of sub stations equipment and measurements can be monitored locally of from remote load dispatch center; Sub stations automation system also includes fault diagnostics, trend management and maintenance. Power plant switchyard SCADA is provided as plant controls to avail operation from power plant control room,

We also undertake renovation and modernization projects of sub stations, our team is capable to carry out all activities civil works, electrical installation, testing and commissioning in scheduled time. 

Rural Electrification
Rural Electrification is the process of bringing electric power to rural and remote areas. The use of electricity in rural areas has following benefits.
bullet Enhance educations    bullet Prevent natural disasters
bullet Foster productivity     bullet Reduce isolation and marginalization
bullet Improve healthcare       

Towns and villages close to urban centers can be connected to te national grid and electrified by cheaper modes of 11 KV or 33KV electricity transmission and distribution. 

MV transmission line refers generally to 11KV or 33KV and LV Lines refer to 0.4KV. We provide complete spectrum of services for distribution of power to rural areas and essentially consists of following equipment –

bullet MV and LV Lines   Aerial bunched cables
bullet Cement, Steel, and wooden poles Line hardware and fittings
bullet Single phase transformers  providing service connections
bullet Pole mounted sub stations  Installation of Energy meters  

As an EPC company we cover all facets of activities: 

bullet Feasibility & DPR’s   bullet Typography and Site Surveys
bullet Design & detailed engineering    bullet Machinery & Equipments Supply, Installation and commissioning
bullet Technical Know how   bullet Training in India and at project site
bullet Management & & Technical Support   bullet Production & trial runs