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Manufacturing Facility
Powerful trends are shaping up industry for the 21st century. Because rapid spread of advanced technologies complexity of work is increasing almost daily. With the state of art equipments and manufacturing facilities, Oswal is helping to boost safety in workplaces from the factory to the offices, domestic buildings to the biggest infrastructure companies of India. All the manufacturing units are ably supervised and controlled by technocrats and industry specialists.
The Infrastructure includes:
bullet Latest Plant & machinery for manufacture LT Power, control & instrumentation cables.
bullet   State of art plant and machinery for ACSR, AAAC, AAC conductors.
bullet   Extensive testing lab for testing raw material and finished cables.
bullet   Requisite pathway for material handling through overhead cranes and ground cranes.
bullet   Well trained manpower including engineers, commercial graduates, skilled & unskilled labours, to handle R&D, testing, production, planning, material, finance and marketing.