Oswal has started its new venture for power generation under the name Kindle Energy with its head office based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

The cost of laying transmission lines is exorbitantly high. This is justified where population is concentrated and heavy but when the remote and very thinly populated small towns and villages are to be electrified then the cost simply becomes prohibitive.

Remote areas which cannot be connected to the grid can however be economically electrified using alternated sources of small power generally make available from renewable energy sources like: -

bullet Solar energy
bullet Wind energy

Remote areas needs power just enough for providing essentials services such as domestic lighting, water pumping, communication and medical facilities.

Solar Energy

We stress the need for rural electrification through solar energy.

A photovoltaic system converts sunlight into electricity. The important part of PV system is the cells which form the basis building blocks, the modules - which bring large number of cells into a unit and in some cases inverters. A PV system does not need bright sunlight in order to operate. It also generates electricity on cloudy days with its energy inversely proportional to the density of the clouds.

We undertake design, engineering of solar power products and systems for industrial and household needs.

Our Product range includes:

bullet Photovoltaic cells and modules
bullet Street lighting system
bullet Water pumping system
bullet Vaccine refrigerators
bullet Power systems for homes, offices and telecommunications
bullet Water heating system
bullet Solar laterns

Wind Energy

Wind turbines are playing important role due to increasing contribution of wind energy to production of electricity. They also help in maintaining stability of grid operations.

We have investing and have an installed capacity of 5MW in states like Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Our wind turbines are harnessing maximum energy from the available wind and with low sound levels.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal power is generated by mining the earth’s heat. In the areas with high temperature gound water at shallow depth, wells are drilled into natural fractures in rock and hot water or stream flows through the wells by pumping or natural flow.

Geothermal power plant can be – dry stream, flash and binary